Simple design with elaborate details.

You may feel “Window watch” is nothing more than one of the minimalist watches that we have today.
However, you will soon find a lot of uncompromising features and passion behind its design.


Beautiful combination of square and smooth curve.

Under the theme of air travel, the face design references an air plane window.
The gentle curve that runs from the oval bezel down to the offset glass
surface offers you a new way of beauty that you cannot find in existing timepieces.


Sophisticated profile of watch

Embedding the crown on the side of the case makes this model looks simple and modern.
What’s more, hairline finish on the side brings a clean impression.

When you wear the watch you may feel reliable quality of smoothness by an accurate processing applied to the case.
You will be able to get new experience.


Think outside the box and use it with new ways.

You can remove straps easily without tools.
And the belts can easily be changed as your mood changes or the situation demands.
It is not only a wrist watch,
but also can be attached to your bag, like a name tag.


Customized options-- — band styles, watch faces.